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Think back to the beginning of your original business idea:  What were your dreams and goals?

Ask yourself: Who is your target market today?

Our team helps tap into your original creative juices and clarify your best ideas. We then apply this renewed, fresh approach to capture your ideal customers – through Website Design, Logo Creation, Business Collateral and Social Media Management.

cognoGEN!X – resynchronize your vision for a brighter future!


Opportunity Discovery

Starting a new business? Want to move into a new technology or market space? We can help you pave the way.

Customer Assessment

Clearly define your customer target and increase your sales. We are Hubspot certified and can assist in inbound marketing.


Need a professional photographer or videographer? We have one. As video marketing is on the rise, it’s important to team up with the professionals to create jaw dropping videos to WOW your audience.

Social Media

Social media is the most effective medium used in the business space. If you want to connect with your clients, let’s develop a plan to effectively reach them.


Website Development

Let us develop your website for the first time or freshen up your current site to get you better connected to your audience.

Design & Creation

Whether you need new sales materials, business cards, reports or presentations, we have the capabilities to make your business stand out among the others.

LinkedIn- The Power for the Professional

LinkedIn- The Power for the Professional

LinkedIn is making its way up the charts and is becoming one of the top social platforms used by companies. On LinkedIn, it’s not as much about selling your business or product, as it is about professionalism and looking like an expert in your field. Within LinkedIn,...

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Search Engine Optimization is Key

Search Engine Optimization is Key

Why Understanding Search Engine Optimization is Key To Any Business’ Success Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool used by website owners to improve their search engine rankings. Using it effectively will raise your website to the top of a Google, Yahoo, or Bing...

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Understanding Your Market

Understanding Your Market

Understanding your customer is the key to growing your business. Easier said than done? Maybe, maybe not. First, understand the problem that your product will solve. Now, who will buy it from you? Where will they look for a solution? A good way to determine buyers’...

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Marketing Strategies

Upon an analysis of your situation, we will zero in on your target audience and discuss your goals and develop ways to communicate effectively while keeping your budget in consideration. We will develop a marketing campaign that resonates with your intended audience. If you don’t have an effectivsales funnel and optimize your conversions, you’ll just be throwing money away. 

We are Hubspot Certified. Which means we take digital marketing seriously.

Social Media

Social Media marketing helps validate your brand. We believe that using these channels to easily communicate with your customers is an excellent habit and has profit potential.

We will assist you with developing social media strategies and help with maintaining your social media channels within one system. Whether we train your personnel or work for you – use the power of social media to increase your audience and profits.

Website Development

The better a website looks, the more visitors it will attract, so it’s worthwhile to focus on the design aspects as well as the coding when developing your website. The content should accurately depict what your service provides and be geared towards enticing the site’s visitors, in order to keep them engaged. Your website is the first impression to your audience. Let’s keep them engaged.


Responsive Design

We construct every site perfectly, so that all of the content, images and structure of the site remains the same on any device (desktop, tablet, phone.) All are equally important.


Creative Experience

Your customers are important to you, ensure your web design speaks to your target audience so your audience understands the purpose of your business.


Brand Consistency & Logo Design

Your logo is your identity and the way you use the logo in digital and print affects your branding, which impacts your audience


SEO & Content Development

Search engines rank sites higher if there is a constant flow of new relevant information.  We can keep your site updated with fresh content so search engines see you first.



We desire to have a conversation with you to discuss your business needs, dreams and aspirations.

Cogno – know, learn, awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgement

Genix- coming into being of something, forming, producing

CognoGenix is ready for you!


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