LinkedIn is making its way up the charts and is becoming one of the top social platforms used by companies. On LinkedIn, it’s not as much about selling your business or product, as it is about professionalism and looking like an expert in your field. Within LinkedIn, a company can post updates to their pages, pay for LinkedIn and employment ads, and get the word out to other businesses or individuals in their field. This site can also be used more for seeking professional advice and tips regarding jobs, or just about everyday things that your business can offer tips on.

As LinkedIn continues to grow, it becomes a powerful tool for companies to utilize. Sometimes it can be hard to grow your following at the start, but with consistent hard work it will pay off in the long run! Below are some good tips to follow:

* Post consistently with great tips (both your company and other helpful articles you’ve found online);

* Relate your content to things you know people are looking for; and

* Advertise your business through your employees’ personal profiles by joining a group related to what your company offers.

The most important thing your company can do is keep up on your social pages. Be intentional! Need some help getting started on conquering the LinkedIn world? We can be of assistance!